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December, 2006
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September 12, 2006


JULY 2006

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"For Documentary Maker,
Marketing Is Last Hurdle"

-- Natalie Canavor , New York Times, March 13, 2006

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Moves Writers To Tears And Laughter

New York, March 1, 2006--
Director Maria Pusateri was invited to screen VITO AFTER for the Mystery Writers of America and Sisters In Crime at the National Arts Club—and it was a smashing success! Also attending the preview were: her husband Donald, brother-in-law Det. Vito Friscia and his wife Lisa, and the documentary's editor Daniel Baer. Special guests included well-known mystery writers Tom Savage, S.J. Rozan and Michele Martinez. Also in attendance were CineWomen NY co-president Chris Cavanagh with board members Louise Fleming and Jillian Abbott.

The full-house audience of about 70 was very moved by the film, which brought on tears as well as laughter. Afterwards Maria and Vito engaged in a lively Q&A with the audience where he admitted that making the film was like therapy for him.

Ms. Pusateri wishes to thank all MWA and SIC members who came, and especially appreciates all their efforts to make the evening possible, especially Robert Knightly, President, MWA NY Chapter (and former NYPD Lieutenant), MWA board members Leah Robinson, David Wood and Jillian Abbott.
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Director's note:

The Vermont International Film Festival audience had a lot of love for VITO AFTER.  They laughed and cried, and I was humbled by their unanimous raves.  Comments  included "compelling," "moving" and "Vito is a great guy, I want to see more about him, will you be making it longer?"  But the most touching -- and a very defining moment for me as a filmmaker -- came as the end credits were rolling and I was sitting in the darkness, from behind me two arms wrapped around me, it was a woman whose face was drenched with tears, she hugged me tightly, wetting my face, and thanked me for making such "a beautiful film."  In that moment, all the struggles and doubts and hardships of making this film melted away.  Thank you--you know who you are--thank you VTIFF and thank you Burlington!

I'd also like to thank Susan Green for the wonderful write-up in her "Flick Chick" column:

"Vito After is Maria Pusateri's seamless look at the post-9/11 troubles of an NYPD detective who happens to be her brother-in-law. Along with fellow cops and firefighters, he never questioned the dangerous rescue efforts or months of sifting through toxic rubble for evidence of the human toll. Serious health problems now plague many of these public servants. Pusateri observes universal truths through the struggle of one individual, and accomplishes this task with sensitivity and, surprisingly, a few good laughs."

---Susan Green, SEVEN DAYS, 10/26/05

* * * *

SEPTEMBER 10, 2005

Filmmaker Pusateri praised at
fundraiser preview screening.

After a packed house audience sounded thunderous applause, filmmaker Maria Pusateri received high praises from the entire audience. Attending representatives from the NYPD DEA (detectives' union) thanked Pusateri for making the film, voicing their critical acclaim. The director and her brother-in-law, Detective Vito Friscia, were heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response.

The film received similar feedback from audiences, police and media at its festival premiere in Chicago in July. The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES' feature article about the film quotes police officer Deanna Maldonado, "The film exposed a side of Friscia that the public rarely sees. The brass should be the first to see it. A rave review in THE REELER called it an “Intriguing… powerful debut documentary. Pusateri applies an essential personal touch to an issue that has "news scoop" written all over it.”

* * * *

VITO AFTER in the news…

July 29, 2005

“Intriguing” “powerful debut documentary"
“Pusateri applies an essential personal touch to an
issue that has ‘news scoop' written all over it.”

Stu Van Airsdale, THE REELER/indieWIRE

July 31, 2005

“The film…deftly shifts from his cop family to his biological family.”
“…it drew praise from Chicago Police Officer Deanna Maldonado…she said the film exposed a side of Friscia that the public rarely sees…
(she) thinks other…Police officers—and their bosses—ought to watch the film. 'The brass should be the first to see it,' she said.”

-- Frank Main, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES - Read it here

* * * *

BUSY … BUSY … Week!

 July 15th

Director/Producer Maria Pusateri attended the Long Island Film/TV Foundation's International Film Expo Opening Night Party where she was awarded a finishing fund grant. (see Photo Gallery). It was announced that because “Vito After” was such a close second, the judges awarded the film a rarely given second place award. Detective Steven McDonald, a LIFTF judge, was instrumental in pushing for the award because he was so impressed with the film. McDonald is a well-known national advocate of conflict resolution and non-violence.

July 20th

Pusateri was one of the top three filmmakers who sold the most tickets for the Film/Video Arts (F/VA) Meet the Filmmakers benefit. The event was at LES Gallery/Café in the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center in the Lower East Side, NYC. F/VA is the fiscal sponsor for “Vito After” and other featured films at the event. Clips from the films were shown while hot DJ music was playing. Many people expressed great interest in the film and wanted to know when they can see it! Check back to this site soon to find out about an upcoming fundraiser screening. (see Photo Gallery)