New York Historical Society
Fresh Kills Landfill Recovery Exhibit
February 2004

Detective Vito Friscia

Director & Crew prepare to interview Vito

Vito & Sister-in-Law, Director Maria Pusateri
Director of Photography
Srael Boruchin &Vito

Sound Recordist Chris Ward & Vito

Detective Vito Friscia on his final day of shooting - February 14, 2004

July 20th, 2006 Long Island
International Film Expo Awards Gala

Director Maria Pusateri with her husband, Donald, after receiving

Maria with her son, Donald, Jr.
Maria with actor Frankie Gio, who presented the award to her.
Maria with Anne and Henry Stampfel, honorary board members of
Long Island International Film/TV Foundation
Maria with Long Island International
Film/TV Foundation's VP Debra Markowitz

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