Vito was honored to be interviewed for Italian author and Vatican Radio editor Alessandro Gisotti’s book “11 Settembre. Una storia che continua” (“September 11th: A Continuing Story”) … [more details to come]

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Vito interviewed about his thoughts on death of Osama Bin Laden
For the VALLEY STREAM HERALD May 12, 2011

Bin Laden’s death ‘bittersweet’ for Valley Streamers

“...Vito Friscia, a now-retired New York Police Department detective, was just a block away from the World Trade Center when the north tower collapsed. He spent several months helping dig through the rubble, and was the subject of a documentary, “Vito After,” about health issues 9/11 workers have dealt with.

“It was great news,” said the Valley Stream father of two about bin Laden’s killing. “I just can’t believe they finally got him.”

Friscia said he found out from his mother, who called him at home and told him to turn on the news. He said the U.S. military should be proud, and he hopes this “cuts the head off” Al Qaeda.

There will never be true closure for Friscia, however. “It’s just one piece of the puzzle that’s taken care of,” he said. “There were a lot of other people involved.” Still, he added, “It was a good moment for America....”

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Vito Friscia was featured in NY1 news, October 2010
(see video segment and article)

A decade later, retired NYPD detective shares story of 9/11 health struggle

“Vito Friscia doesn’t like to talk about September 11th.

The now retired New York City Police Department homicide detective responded that day and spent several months after the terror attacks at the World Trade Center site and at the Fresh Kills landfill. He calls the recovery effort the toughest time in his life…”

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As requested by the library curator of the USS NEW YORK, VITO AFTER is now part of a select group of films in their 9/11 collection. It was an honor to donate DVDs, signed by Vito and me, to the battleship that was forged with steel from the World Trade Center in her bow.

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New Blog

9/11 Responders Coping in the Aftermath and VITO AFTER Updates

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VITO AFTER screening at the High Falls Film Festival

VITO AFTER screening at the Rochester High Falls Film Festival on May 1st was a real hit! As always, the audience loved it, and everyone was very excited to meet Vito and his wife Lisa (and maybe a little happy about meeting me, too). But Vito was the real "superstar" of the evening! A group from the Rochester Italian-American Law Enforcement Officers honored Vito with a tribute and special gifts, and sparked a very moving, full-house standing ovation lasting several minutes. After an engaging Q&A, the audience joined us for a reception down the block at Spot Coffee, thanks to John Cocca, local firefighter and film producer. Later, our screening's sponsor, Tony Mangione, graciously treated Vito, myself and our spouses to a delicious dinner at a popular Italian restaurant. Please see this link for lots more photos…You can scroll down on this RHFFF page to see several pages of photos by Julie Gelfand from that evening.

As if all this wasn't thrilling enough, the next evening I met actor Bill Pullman at one of the fabulous festival parties, and he apparently had heard some good "buzz" about VITO AFTER, so when we were introduced, he was excited to meet me (imagine that) -- he was even more delighted when I offered him the DVD! (Pullman was there for a screening of his film Phoebe in Wonderland - which was wonderful and I encourage you to see when it's released.)

I highly recommend Rochester High Falls Film Festival for filmmakers and film lovers, we were treated royally by everyone - and I can't wait to go back!

* * * * * *

VITO AFTER received the highest rating of "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" from
Educational Media Reviews Online, December 2007.

VITO AFTER had a great screening at the Fire Island Golden Wagon Film
Festival, August 2007. Thank you to Greg Pace and his very hospitable family!
We highly recommend going to this festival!
Look for photo of me and hubby enjoying their outdoor screenings.

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