A 9/11 Responder Copes in the Aftermath


"Signs of Courage"
Epilogue Video Clip


“An intriguing and powerful documentary that uses one man's
story to personalize the devastating aftermath from [9/11]."
AMC Movie Guide/Filmcritic.com (4 stars)

Vito After takes a vital look at the 9/11 health crisis by going beyond the headlines and focusing on one NYPD detective's personal struggle. Vito Friscia is a dedicated homicide detective and devoted family man who selflessly helped others on September 11th, then spent months sifting through toxic rubble hoping to bring closure to victims’ families. The film follows Friscia as he copes in the aftermath with the support of loved ones and colleagues. Through this intimate portrait of an everyday hero, we find a powerful renewal of the human spirit, and insight into the lives of thousands of responders who are paying an emotional and physical price for their bravery.

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